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Extra: Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, Tier 2

Extra: Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, Tier 2

May 3, 2022

In this special edition of Lasso Lessons, join Mike as he explores the traits on the second tier of John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success in light of Nate’s rant: Self-control, Alertness, Initiative, Intentness.  Just in time for the NBA playoffs!


Mentioned in the Pod:

S1E3: “Trent Crimm, The Independent

S1E7:  “Make Rebecca Great Again

S1E10:  ”The Hope that Kills You”

S1E10: ”The Hope that Kills You”

December 13, 2021

We’ve come to the end of the first season, and so much has changed.  Join Cathy and Mike for their breakdown of S1E10 of "Ted Lasso:  The Hope that Kills You." British pessimism, and Ted’s optimism.  Trick plays or elaborate set pieces?  A brief history of white boards.  Richmond, London & Lake Placid, New York.  A spit take too far?  Freud finally makes the pod, and Cathy finally gets a chance to discuss polarity theory.  The poetry of Donald Rumsfeld, and why 4-square matrices belong on PowerPoint slides.  The dangers of the extremes.  Cognitive reframing returns, and Blue Ocean Strategy emerges.  Join us in the new year for season two of Lasso Lessons, and you’ll never walk alone.

Books mentioned on the pod:

Polarity Management: Identifying and Managing Unsolvable Problems

Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant

S1E9:  ”All Apologies”

S1E9: ”All Apologies”

November 16, 2021

Join Cathy and Mike as they break down Ted Lasso S1E9, “All Apologies.”  On first hearing Smells Like Teen Spirit.  Fenway Park (Boston) vs. Camp Nou (Barcelona).  The later career of Thierry Henry. Is Keely telepathic? Boom Chicago and the origins of Ted Lasso.  More Rupert vs. Ted.  Turns out Rebecca is actually good at apologies!  Difficult conversations.  And Cognitive Reframing returns.


Books Mentioned:

Why Won’t You Apologize:  Healing, Big Betrayals, and Everyday Hurts

Difficult Conversations:  How to Discuss What Matters Most


Bonus:  Weird Al’s Smells Like Nirvana

S1E8: ”The Diamond Dogs”

S1E8: ”The Diamond Dogs”

November 4, 2021

It’s the day after, everyone must deal with the consequences, and Ted and Rupert engage in a pointed contest. Join Cathy and Mike as they discuss S1E8 of Ted Lasso. Birth of The Diamond DogsShakespeare vs Walt WhitmanEmotional Intelligence spawns EQ.  How cognitive reframing can help with emotional hijacking. Does lack of curiosity kill the cad?  And Ted’s origin story.


In Memoriam:  Aaron Beck on Cognitive Restructuring.


47 Milk Puns

Snopes on “Be curious, not judgemental”

S1E7: ”Make Rebecca Great Again”

S1E7: ”Make Rebecca Great Again”

October 27, 2021

The team heads to Liverpool, an impossible match is won, and strangers collide.  Join Cathy and Mike as they discuss S1E7 of “Ted Lasso: Make Rebecca Great Again”. “Hotel California”, Glasgow, Scotland. The leisurely pace of  “The Rockford Files”.  Brett’s sports jacket.   Ted’s hair as emotional barometer.  Transformational storytelling.  The dangers of catastrophizing and Nate’s turn as insult comic.  Finally, towards a new “old” Rebecca?

In memoriam:  Neil Stroul.


Also in the pod:

Celeste’s “Strange”.

S1E6: ”Two Aces”

S1E6: ”Two Aces”

October 21, 2021

Danny Rojas shows up, words lose their meaning, and a curse befalls the team.  Join Cathy and Mike as they break down S1E6 of “Ted Lasso: Two Aces”.  Semantic satiation.  Ted’s anger as motivation.  The “No Schadenfreude Zone”.   Negative reinforcement and Pavlov’s Tartt.  And healthy competition meets David Mamet.  


Also in the Episode:

Ted’s “Practice” speech and Allen Iverson

The “Dutch angle”

Evil Spock and Bizarro Superman

Peaky Blinders

Seinfeld lingo

S1E5: ”Tan Lines”

S1E5: ”Tan Lines”

October 13, 2021

Join Cathy and Mike as they break down S1E5 of Ted Lasso, “Tan Lines”.  Ted’s work/life balance.  Transparency and curiosity in communications.  Immunity to change.  And the no “jerks” rule.


Also in the pod:

Robert Keegan’s Immunity to Change

Robert Sutton’s The No [Jerk] Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One that Isn’t

Bonus:  What the British Say and What They Really Mean

S1E4: ”For the Children”

S1E4: ”For the Children”

October 5, 2021

Join Cathy and Mike for our breakdown of S1E4 of Ted Lasso, “For the Children”.  This episode of Ted Lasso is jam-packed with advice.  Find out who in FC Richmond’s extended family follows Netflix’s 4 A's of Feedback--and who most definitely doesn’t.  Also: Buffy and the 2 Ruperts. The power of “holding environments” and perspective-taking.  Finally, are you Team Lasso or Team Seinfeld?


Also on the pod:

No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention by Reed Hasting and Erin Meyer

Ronald Heifetz, Leadership without Easy Answers

Stuff Mr. Giles Says (caution: period background music)

No hugging, no learning

S1E3: ”Trent Crimm, The Independent”

S1E3: ”Trent Crimm, The Independent”

September 29, 2021

Join Cathy and Mike as we break down S1E3 of Ted Lasso, “Trent Crimm, the Independent”.  What does Lincoln’s assassination have to do with Ted Lasso?  Cathy in London.  Why does Ted give the books he does?  The influence of John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success on Ted’s coaching philosophy. And the importance of “leadership declarations”.


Also discussed in the pod:

Our American Cousin

The Beautiful and Damned

Ender’s Game

A Wrinkle in Time

Bonus:  Overanalyzing every book in Ted Lasso 

S1E2: ”Biscuits”

S1E2: ”Biscuits”

September 21, 2021

Join Cathy and Mike as they break down S1E2 of Ted Lasso, “Biscuits”.  Cathy and Mike play a little “First concert/Best concert”, and uncover the origin of Mike’s Ben & Jerry’s addiction.  They introduce a new pyramid:  Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”.  Then they try some chin chin and reveal how Sam’s snack relates to “Biscuits with the Boss”.  What’s up with “What up With That?”  And how you can use the “Trust Equation” when taking on a new leadership role.  

Also mentioned:


Chekhov's gun and Knives Out

The original Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop

San Francisco sourdough bread

Beatlemania vs The Ramones

Beastie Boys vs The Spice Girls

The Trusted Advisor

The Rolling Stones

Bonus:  A primer on British desserts

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